ALPHA Shakers

ALPHA shaker systems – Compact, light, powerful & quiet

During the development of our new ALPHA shaker systems, we incorporated the requirements and ideas from a wide variety of projects and rethought “electrodynamic shakers” from scratch. True to the motto “Can’t be done” is simply not in our vacabulary!
The result is compact, lightweight shakers with very low operating noise. Friction-free guidance of the moving element, integrated laser displacement sensors, automatic load compensation, quiet temperature-controlled fans and the extremely robust and low-maintenance design make our ALPHAs the ideal shakers for the most diverse testing tasks – especially for Squeak & Rattle tests, but not limted to….
For quiet continuous operation even with high excitation forces, the ALPHA vibration exciters can optionally be equipped with noiseless water cooling. Noisy cooling fans are a now a thing of the past!
The thermal insulation of the systems and a combined heating/cooling aggregate allow continuous operation in a climatic chamber in a temperature range from -40°C to +80°C.
Of course there are extensive system accessories for our ALPHAs such as trunnion base, horizontal and vertical vibration tables, amplifiers with remote control from PC or tablet and much more.
Contact us to learn more about the new ALPHA shakers. You will be surprised…

Max. Dynamic Force


500N peak1000N peak2000N peak2000N peak4000N peak


300N rms600N rms1200N rms1200N rms2400N rms

Time History

750N peak1500N peak4000N peak4000N peak8000N peak
Max. Static Force2000N2000N2000N2000N2000N
Operating Noise

Noise Rating Curve (NR)

NR16, typicalNR16, typicalNR18, typicalNR18, typicalNR18, typical

Sound Pressure Level


Time Varying Loudness

Max. Displacement25mm pk-pk25mm pk-pk25mm pk-pk50mm pk-pk50mm pk-pk
Max. Velocity1m/s1m/s1,5m/s1,5m/s1,2m/s
Frequency RangeDC-3000Hz, useable up to 5000HzDC-3000Hz, useable up to 5000HzDC-2000Hz, useable up to 3000HzDC-2000Hz, useable up to 3000HzDC-1000Hz, useable up to 2000Hz
Max. Payload Vertical90kg90kg90kg90kg130kg
Max. Payload Horizontal8kg10kg12kg12kg16kg
Ø Mounting Table180/280mm180mm/280mm180mm/280mm180mm/280mm180mm/280mm
Autom. Load Supportmanual
Integrated CoolingYes, air coolingYes, air coolingYes, air coolingYes, air coolingYes, air cooling
Quiet Water CoolingOptional, retrofittableOptional, retrofittableOptional, retrofittableOptional, retrofittableOptional, retrofittable
Overtravel ProtectionOptionalYesYesYesYes
Overtemp ProtectionYesYesYesYesYes
Dimensions166mm Ø * 459mm166mm Ø * 509mm166mm Ø * 609mm166mm Ø * 684mm226mm Ø * 738mm
Recommended AmplifierMB A500MB A500MB A2500MB A2500MB A2500
  • Compact and lightweight (weight of 2kN shaker approx. 40kg)
  • Easy integration into various test stands
  • Extremely quiet – excellent for Squeak & Rattle testing
  • High efficiency and low power consumption, allows the use of smaller silent amplifiers
  • Max. Dynamic force: 500N – 8000N
  • Max. Displaceent pk-pk: 25mm and 50mm
  • Frequency range: DC-500Hz, usable up to 1000Hz
  • Integrated temperature monitoring and temperature-controlled quiet fans for on-demand cooling
  • Optional water cooling enables noiseless cooling even with high excitation forces in continuous operation
  • Integrated active load support, automatic centering in center position independent of the applied payload
  • Integrated displacement sensor, monitoring of the max. permissible vibration displacement and overtravel protection
  • Friction-free guidance of the moving element, no flexures, no plain bearings, no moving cables
  • Extremely robust design, low maintenance, reliable and durable
  • Low stray magnetic fields
  • Vibration test systems for simulation of real excitation states in 1 to 6 axes
  • BSR (Buzzes, Squeak & Rattles) analyses of complete vehicles, interior and exterior components
  • Structural analysis and modal analyses
  • Material & component test benches
  • Static & dynamic tensile, compression and bending tests
  • Stick-Slip test systems
  • Test benches for the analysis of friction and wear

Easy integration into various test stands

Cooling on demand and active load support included

The ALPHA shakers achieve a very high efficiency by using high performance neodymium magnets and an optimized coil design. The resulting extremely compact design and the low weight of the ALPHA shakers facilitate their integration into a wide range of test benches.
ALPHA shakers are used, for example, for the construction of single and multi-axis shaker tables for excitation in 1 to 6 axes, in various material test benches and as mobile vibration exciters for structural and modal analyses.

All ALPHA shakers have an integrated temperature sensor as standard to monitor the temperature. Speed-controlled quiet fans provide cooling as required. Optionally, all ALPHAs can be equipped with a quiet water cooling system.

The integrated pneumatic load support in the lower part of the ALPHAs automatically centers the mounting table in center stroke position regardless of the weight of the applied test specimen and allows direct mounting of a wide variety of components weighing up to 130kg.

Optional water cooling for quiet continuous operation at high forces

Climate package for use in temperature range from -40°C to +80°C

Water cooling is much more effective and above all quieter than air cooling. For quiet continuous operation at high excitation forces or for use in warm environments where cooling by the surrounding air would be insufficient, all ALPHA shakers can be optionally equipped with water cooling. The associated chiller is placed outside the test chamber. Quick couplings allow drip-free and quick connection of the cooling lines. Noisy centrifugal blowers are a thing of the past!

The optional climate package allows the ALPHA shaker systems to be used inside a climate chamber in a temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. The shaker systems are thermally insulated and equipped with water cooling. A combined heating/cooling unit outside the climatic chamber ensures that the shaker is kept at a constant operating temperature regardless of the current load and ambient temperature. The CU-4 controller, which is included in the scope of delivery, automatically controls the temperature according to demand.

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