Vertical Pitch&Roll Shaker

Vertical Pitch&Roll Shaker

Vertical Pitch&Roll shaker systems enable simultaneous excitation in up to 5 axes

Our electrodynamic Vertical Pitch&Roll Shakers enable simultaneous excitation in up to 5 axes. Simultaneous excitation in several axes is recommended whenever the components to be tested (such as seats, back seats or instrument panels) are noise-sensitive to lateral acceleration as well as pitch and roll motions. By using the Vertical Pitch&Roll shaker system, complex excitation states in several axes can be realistically simulated in a single test within short test times. The multi-axis excitation improves the correlation to the test track and, in combination with extremely low operating noise, makes our VPR test stands an ideal tool for effective squeak & rattle testing in development, quality departments and production. All MB Vertical Pitch&Roll Shaker Systems meet the requirements of the Ford test specifications CETP-01.10-L-413 for SqueakRattle tests on seats, CETP-01.12-L-423 for Squeak&Rattle tests on instrument panels and the JLR Squeak & Rattle test specification TPJLR.00.187.

The honeycomb structure of the magnesium vibration table ensures very high stiffness at low weight. Due to the reduction of the acoustic emitting surface and the use of extremely quiet shakers of the MB Energizer series, the resulting operating noise remains significantly below the operating noise of hydraulic multi-axis vibration tables despite the high payload of up to 225kg.

  • Enables simultaneous excitation in up to 5 axes
  • Simulation of various driving situations in multiple axes
  • Excitation by quiet electrodynamic shakers type MB Energizer BLACK or SILVER
  • Typical operating noise <35dB[A] when simulating a cobblestone track
  • Very effective for BSR analysis on seats, back seats, instrument panels, door modules etc.
  • Multi-axis vibration control system with software for SINUS, RANDOM and TIME SIGNAL excitation
  • Systems meet the requirements of the FORD test specifications CETP-01.10-L-413 for seats and CETP-01.12- L-423 for instrument panels as well as the requiements of the JLR test specification TPJLR.00.187
  • Rigid lightweight magnesium honeycomb vibration table with M10 threaded inserts on 150mm*150mm grid pattern for mounting the specimens
  • Excitation forces from 4000N to 16000N
  • Vibration displacement of up to 40mm pk-pk
  • Excitation in the frequency range DC to 200Hz
  • Robust design, low maintenance, reliable and durable
  • Squeak & Ratlle tests on front seats, rear seats with and without dummy, cockpits, door modules, center consoles…
  • Squeak & Rattle tests according to FORD CETP-01.10-L-413, Ford CETP 01 12- L-423 and JLR TPJLR.00.187

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