MATRIX 3D Shaker Tables

MATRIX 3D Shaker Tables

Compact and quiet three axis shaker tables for simultaneous excitation in x-, y- & z-axis

Our compact and quiet MATRIX 3D vibration tables allow simultaneous excitation in x, y and z axis. Real load scenarios and noise-critical excitation conditions can be accurately reproduced in the laboratory in a single test in several axes. Time-consuming conversion work for sequential excitation of individual axes is no longer necessary.
The excitation of the three axes is performed by very quiet, compact shakers of our ALPHA series. Excitation forces of up to 8kN per axis and vibration displacements of 25mm allow the universal use of the MATRIX 3D shaker tables for Squeak & Rattle, functional and durability tests. Depending on the application, 3D vibration tables are available in three different sizes and performance classes.
A closed-loop multi-axis vibration control system (MIMO controller) enables exact, reproducible excitation in one, two or three axes with a wide variety of excitation signals such as sine sweep, random excitation, recorded time history data, square wave signals or externally generated wavelets. Crosstalk between the individual excitation axes is actively compensated and minimized by the vibration control system if required.
The compact design and the resulting small footprint of the MATRIX 3D vibration tables allows integration into smaller acoustic rooms and test laboratories.
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  • Compact, quiet 3D-shaker tables in three different sizes and performance classes
  • Mangnesium mounting tables from 600mm*900mm up to 1800mm*900mm (special sizes on request)
  • Simultaneous excitation in x-, y- and z-axis or sequential excitation of individual axes
  • Excitation by 3 quiet, electrodynamic ALPHA shakers
  • Excitation forces from 2000N to 8000N
  • Vibration displacement of 25mm pk-pk in all axes
  • Excitation in the frequency range DC to 200Hz
  • Synchronous excitation and guidance of the vibration table minimizes uncontrolled cross-axis responses as well as pitch, roll and yar
  • High efficiency and low power consumption
  • Robust design, low maintenance, reliable and durable
  • Squeak & rattle testing of small, medium and large components
  • Functional tests on optical systems, measuring instruments and electronic components to analyse the influence of superimposed vibrations
  • Durability tests with and without climatic superposition on various components and parts

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