3D Stick-Slip Test Stand

New Dimensions in the Analysis of Stick-Slip, Friction and Wear

The jerky transition from static to dynamic friction known as stick-slip effect creates structure-borne noise in the material and is the cause of unpleasant squeaking and creaking noises. In addition, stick-slip leads to increased wear and material fatigue and is undesirable in most technical applications.
Conventional stick-slip test systems only allow a one-dimensional movement of the two materials or surfaces to each other. For the first time, our new 3D stick-slip test stand enables the simulation of real, highly dynamic relative movements and excitation states in three axes and provides important new insights into the origin and targeted avoidance of stick-slip.

The frictionless and noiseless movement of the three axes and the direct measurement on the two material samples enable high-precision and high-resolution measurements of the occurring friction forces. If required, the optional automatic mode controls a climatic chamber and carries out freely configurable, fully automated test sequences. New dimensions in the analysis of stick-slip and friction forces: Simultaneous excitation in three axes, precise, high-resolution and efficient!

  • Highly dynamic simulation of real accelerations, forces and relative motions in 3 axes
  • Simultaneous excitation in 3-axes or targeted excitation of individual axes
  • Simulation of recorded time signal data and excitation with parameterizable standard signals such as sine, square, sawtooth, etc.
  • Excitation with freely definable motion profiles (position-controlled)
  • Max. Excitation force: 150N resp. 300N
  • Max. Travel: 25mm pk-pk (standard), 50mm pk-pk available as onb option
  • Max. Speed: 1m/s
  • Frequency range: DC-500Hz, usable up to 1000Hz
  • Acquisition of acceleration, force and displacement or position in all 3 axes
  • Recording of temperature and humidity directly in the surrounding of the material samples
  • Recording & analysis of airborne and structure-borne noise signals for analysis and evaluation of stick slip
  • Measurement of friction forces and calculation of friction coefficients
  • Measurement of spring forces and force-displacement diagrams
  • Quiet electrodynamic actuators, no interference of the measurement data by crosstalk of vibrations and noises of the actuators to the measurement data
  • Frictionless guidance of all moving elements without breakaway torques enables precise measurement of static and dynamic friction
  • Direct inline force measurement enables high-resolution measurement of interface forces from 0.02N
  • No influence on stick-slip and force measurement by position-dependent spring forces of external spring elements (e.g. by leaf springs for indirect force measurement)
  • Integrated automatic mode allows fully automatic execution of predefined test cycles including control of a suitable climatic chamber
  • Integrated temperature monitoring for all shakers
  • Integrated displacement sensor and monitoring of the max. permissible vibration displacement for all vibration exciters
  • suitable for use within a climatic chamber in the temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • extremely robust design, low maintenance, reliable and durable
Max. displacement25mm pk-pk,
optional 50mm pk-pk
25mm pk-pk,
optional 50mm pk-pk
25mm pk-pk,
optional 50mm pk-pk
Locking of individual axes Yes, software controlledYes, software controlledYes, software controlled
Adjustable overpressing / positionYes, position controlled or lockedYes, position controlled or lockedYes, position controlled or locked
Max. velocity1m/s1m/s1m/s
Max. static preload force200N100N200N
Adjustable preload forceYes, force controlledYes, force controlledYes, force controlled
Max. dynamic excitation force


300N peak150N peak300N peak


200N rms100N rms200N rms
Frequency rangeDC-500Hz, useable up to 1000HzDC-500Hz, useable up to 1000HzDC-500Hz, useable up to 1000Hz
Types of excitationSine, Random & Time HistorySine, Random & Time HistorySine, Random & Time History
Controlled variablesPosition or acceleration,
Force control available as an option
Position or acceleration,
Force control available as an option
Position or acceleration,
Force control available as an option
Typical operating noise

Noise Rating Curve (NR)


Sound Pressure Level


Time Varying Loudness

Overtravel protectionYesYesYes
Overtemp protectionYesYesYes
Measured quantitiesDisplacement/Position, Acceleration, Force, Temperature & HumidityDisplacement/Position, Acceleration, ForceDisplacement/Position, Acceleration, Force
Acoustic analysesSound Pressure Level, Time Varying Loudness
Dimensions (W*H*D)955mm*630mm*763mm
Use in climatic chamber Yes, -40°C bis +85°C
  • Analysis and evaluation of the stick-slip risk of various material pairings and surfaces
  • Measurement of friction forces and calculation of friction coefficients
  • Aging, abrasion and wear testing

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