X-Act Universal Shaker

X-Act exciters – Compact universal shakers for modal analysis and vibration testing

The X-Act 325 is a universal electromagnetic shaker with a force of 300N sine pk and a maximum displacement of 25mm pk-pk. Unlike conventional shaker systems, the X-Act 325 can be cooled with air or water as standard. The much more efficient water cooling allows the X-Act 325 to operate continuously and quietly at high excitation forces where normally only larger, more expensive and noisy air-cooled shakers can be used. The compact dimensions and low weight enable mobile use and facilitate the positioning and alignment of the system. For component testing, an exchangeable vibration table with a diameter of 115mm and integrated M6 threaded inserts is used. For modal analysis the vibration table is simply exchanged against a collet chuck. Due to the low weight of the moving element, interactions with the structure to be examined are minimized while maximizing the maximum possible peak accelerations. A through-hole in the armature also allows the use of pre-stressed wires to introduce the generated forces into the structure under investigation. When using a stinger, the length of the stinger can be adjusted by clamping it in a chuck.
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  • Universally applicable for vibration testing and modal analysis
  • 115mm vibrating table can be exchanged for a collet chuck for modal analysis
  • Optional pneumatic load compensation to support the weight of heavy test specimens
  • Through-hole in armature allows easy adjustment of the stinger length
  • Use of pretensioned wire ropes for modal analysis
  • Light and transportable, weight approx. 18kg
  • Compact design
  • Excitation force: 300N sine peak
  • Water cooling enables quiet continuous operation with high excitation forces
  • Cooling with compressed air also possible
  • Vibration displacement: 25mm pk-pk
  • Frequency range: DC-3000Hz, usable up to 5000Hz
  • Much less sensitive to lateral forces than typical modal shakers!
  • Robust design, low maintenance, reliable and durable
  • Integrated temperature sensor, automatic amplfier shut-down in case of overheating
  • Can be used in a temperature range from -40°C to +80°C
  • Remote control and monitoring of the shaker and power amplifier
  • Low magnetic stray fields
X-Act 325
Max. dynamic force


300N peak


180N rms

Time History

450N peak
Max. displacement25mm pk-pk
Max. velocity1m/s
Frequency rangeDC-3000Hz, usable up to 5000Hz
Ø Mouting table115mm
Moving mass with collet chuck (Modal Analysis)0,7kg

Moving mass with 110mm mounting table1,2kg
Axial spring stiffness10N/mm
Max. test weight, without external air spring 2kg
Max. test weight, with external air spring ca. 25kg
Max. coil current16A RMS / 40A pk
Coil resistance1 Ohm
Max. thermal power loss290 Watt
Temperature monitoringYes, integrated temperature sensor
CoolingCompressed air or water cooling
Temperature range with water cooling-40°C to +80°C
Dimensions X-Act Shaker115mm Ø * 343mm
Dimensions with trunnion base171mm*200mm*376mm
Weight including trunnion base18kg
  • Structural and modal analysis
  • Vibration tests on small and medium-sized components
  • Shock tests on electronic components
  • Material and component testing


Data sheet Drawing
X-Act 325
Datasheet X-Act 325


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