MB Modal Exciters

MB Modal Shaker

MB Modal Exciters – Ideally suited for experimental modal analysis

Modal shakers are used for local excitation of different structures to identify a structure´s modal properties such as natural frequencies, mode shapes, stiffness and damping. In contrast to classical shaker systems, modal shakers do not have a mounting table for fixing the test specimens. The connection to the structure is made via a pre-loaded piano wire or a stinger. Properly-featured modal exciters and amplifiers are critical to acquiring good experimental modal data and valid frequency response functions. In order to minimize the influence of the modal shaker on the structural resonances, these shaker systems are equipped with extremely lightweight moving elements. The axial stiffness of the suspension guiduing the moving element is also reduced to a minimum.

Extensive system accessories such as stingers in various diameters and lengths, chucks, additional weights and suitable sensors facilitate the connection of the vibration exciters to the structure to be investigated. Contact us to learn more about our Modal Exciters…

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