Sequential X/Y/Z Shaker Tables

Shaker tables for sequential excitation of small parts and large components in x-, y- and z-axis

MB Dynamics supplies turnkey 3D shaker tables for sequential excitation of various parts and components in x, y and z axes. The testing of a component when excited in different axes is not only a requirement of many test specifications, it is also often useful and necessary to specifically excite and analyse structural problems or causes of noise.

For testing small and medium-sized components, the shaker system used is combined with a horizontal moving table. Testing of larger components is carried out using a 3D universal test table, which is excited by one or multiple shaker systems. When using several exciters, which can also be added later on, simultaneous excitation in all three axes is also possible.

All MB shaker tables meet the strict requirements of various Squeak & Rattle test specifications such as GMW14011, GMW7293 and BMW PR311 regarding the maximum permissible operating noise of the vibration test system used. The optionally available climate package allows the use within a climate chamber in a temperature range from -40°C to +80°C.

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  • Quiet shaker tables for excitation in x-, y- and z-axis in different sizes and performance classes
  • Controlled sequential excitation in x-. y- or z-axis
  • Can be upgraded for simultaneous excitation in x-, y- and z-axis by adding additional shakers
  • Rigid lightweight magnesium honeycomb mounting table
  • Guiding of the magnesium mounting table in the non-driven axes minimizes unwanted transverse accelerations and tilting motions
  • excitation by 1-3 quiet, electrodynamic shakers
  • Typical operating noise of 28-35dB[A] (depending on size) when simulating a cobblestone track
  • Excitation forces from 300N to 8000N per shaker
  • Vibration displacement of up to 50mm pk-pk
  • Excitation in the frequency range DC to 400Hz
  • Short changeover times when changing the excitation direction
  • Test sample can remain on the vibration table and does not have to be disassembled
  • High efficiency and low power consumption
  • Robust design, low maintenance, reliable and durable
  • Squeak & rattle testing of small, medium and large components
  • Functional tests on optical systems, measuring instruments and electronic components to analyse the influence of superimposed vibrations
  • Durability tests with and without climatic superposition on various components and parts

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