3D-Shaker Tables

sequential excitation in x-, y- and z-axis with one
movable ALPHA MLB shaker
short set-up times: Test specimen does not have to be
dismantled when the excitation direction

here configured for excitation in x-axis…

3D-Shaker Tables

configured for excitation in y-axis

low operating noise – ideal for
Squeak & Rattle tests
excitation forces of up to 12kN
vibration displacements of up to 25mm pk-pk

3D-Shaker Tables

… and finally the configuration for excitation in z-axis

suitable for specimens up to 400kg
climate option for use within a
environmental chamber (-40°C to +80°C)
high efficiency and low power consumption
low space requirement



3D-Shaker Tables

3D shaker for squeak & rattle and fatigue testing in x-, y- and z-axes

Testing a component under excitation in multiple axes is not only part of many test specifications, it is often necessary to target and investigate structural weaknesses or noise sources. Our 3D shaker tables allow a wide range of parts and components to be excited in the x, y and z axes. Real-world vibration conditions and noise-critical excitation can be accurately replicated in multiple axes in the laboratory. With excitation forces of up to 12 kN and an optional climatic package for use in a climatic chamber, the shaker can be universally used for squeak and rattle tests and fatigue tests in accordance with a wide range of test specifications. Our 3D shaker tables can also be upgraded at any time for simultaneous x, y and z axis excitation or vertical pitch & roll testing by adding two additional shakers. Our 3D shakers are modular, upgradeable “universal” shakers that meet the requirements of a wide variety of OEM test specifications and will continue to grow with your test requirements in the future..

  • Universally applicable
  • Upgradeable to simultaneous excitation in 3 axes and Vertical Pitch & Roll excitation
  • Low operating noise – ideal for Squeak & Rattle testing
  • High excitation forces of up to 12000N
  • Vibration displacement up to 25mm pk-pk
  • Frequency range 3Hz to 200Hz
  • Suitable for specimens up to 400kg
  • Short set-up times, no need to remove the specimen from the shaker table
  • Vibration table 1350mm*600mm (standard), other sizes optionally available
  • Small footprint
  • High efficiency and low power consumption
  • Robust design, low maintenance, reliable and durable
  • Noise analysis (squeak & rattle tests) on various components
  • Fatigue testing with and without climatic overlay

• Water cooling for ALPHA shakers• Climate option for use in a climatic chamber (-
40°C to +80°C)
• Climatic barrier for connecting the vibration
table to a climatic chamber
• Test sequence control for fully automated
execution of predefined test sequences
• Mobile BSR SUITE measurement system for
objective evaluation of Buzz, Squeak and
Rattle noise

• Fixtures and mounting brackets for fixation of different components

Magnesium Honeycomb Vibrating Tables

Climate package for use in temperatures ranging from -40C to +80°C

A magnesium honeycomb structure enables the construction of heavy duty, rigid and lightweight vibration tables. The standard size of the vibration table is 1350mm*600mm. Other sizes are available as an option. The weight and the radiating surface are minimised by the honeycomb structure, which results in a higher maximum acceleration and a minimum of operating noise. All vibration tables have M8 threaded inserts in a 75mm x 75mm grid to allow flexible mounting of a variety of test specimens and test specimen fixtures.

The optional climate package allows ALPHA shakers to be used in a climate chamber. The shakers are thermally insulated and equipped with water cooling. A combined heating/cooling unit outside the climate chamber ensures that the shaker is kept at a constant operating temperature regardless of the current load and ambient temperature.

Minimising uncontrolled lateral accelerations

Simultaneous x/y/z and Vertical Pitch & Roll excitation

In practice, soft suspension of the vibration table, e.g. using air springs without additional guidance, often leads to uncontrolled lateral accelerations and rotational motions which have different effects on the resulting vibration conditions depending on the centre of mass of the test specimen. 

By adding two additional ALPHA MLB shakers, simultaneous excitation in x/y/z and Vertical Pitch & Roll (VPR) mode is possible. Squeak and Rattle and fatigue tests from different OEMs can be performed on a single test stand.