Full Vehicle Shaker

Get your test tracks into the lab! Absolutely realistic, reproducible & quiet.

Noise analyses in the moving vehicle on different test tracks are time-consuming and usually quite difficult. With our full vehicle shaker systems you can get a wide variety of test tracks from all over the world into your testing, QM and production areas. Different excitation states due to different road surfaces, speeds and engines are reproduced absolutely realistic and reproducible at the push of a button. A remote tablet also enables operation directly from inside the vehicle.
Selective starting and combination of noise-critical driving conditions, the high simulation quality and the low operating noise of the ALPHA MLB shakers used create ideal conditions for effective noise analyses. By adding a component testing table, it is also possible to test individual modules and components.
You would like to use the system inside a climatic chamber? No problem! The optionally available water cooling and thermal insulation of the ALPHA shakers allows the use of the systems within a temperature range of -40°C to +80°C.
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  • Use of 2 or 4 linear, low distortion electromagnetic shaker systems – no hydraulics, no oil!
  • Realistic reproduction of various road excitations (cobblestones, bad roads, potholes, rough asphalt, etc.) by multi-axis closed-loop feedback control for up to 4 shakers
  • Very good correlation to road driving and high reproducibility of occurring noise
  • Displacement of up to 25mm pk-pk at the vehicle body
  • Excitation in the frequency range from 1Hz to 500Hz
  • Freely configurable test sequences for mapping and combining different excitation signals or test tracks
  • Reproducible acoustic behaviour of the vehicles
  • Extremely quiet – operating noise typically <32dB(A) – ideal for Squeak & Rattle analyses
  • Safe stand of the vehicle allows analyses of interior, exterior & underbody
  • Free movement inside and outside the vehicle
  • Integrated active load support allows entry & exit during a running test
  • Climate option allows use within a climate chamber
  • Simulation of ageing and material fatigue by endurance run and superimposed climate test or sun simulation (optional)
  • Integrated temperature monitoring and overtravel protection
  • Low integration and maintenance costs
  • Low space requirement due to installation of the shakers underneath the vehicle
  • High efficiency and low power consumption
  • Low stray magnetic fields
  • Stationary and mobile test bench solutions
  • Fully automated solutions for line-integrated testing
  • Suitable for vehicles with a total weight of up to 3800kg
  • Optional vibrating table allows use for component testing
  • 10 years experience with various OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes, GM, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Hyundai…
Max. dynamic force


4000 peak per shaker4000N peak per shaker8000N peak per shaker


2400N rms per shaker2400N rms per shaker4800N rms per shaker

Time History

8000N peak per shaker8000N peak per shaker16000N peak per shaker
Typical operating noise

Noise Rating Curve (NR)


Sound Presure Level


Time Varying Loudness

Max. displacement12,5 mm pk-pk25mm pk-pk25mm pk-pk
Max. velocity1m/s1m/s1m/s
Frequency rangeDC-500Hz, useable up to 1000HzDC-500Hz, useable up to 1000HzDC-500Hz, useable up to 1000Hz
Autom. load supportYesYes
Integrated coolingYes, air coolingYes, air coolingYes, air cooling
Water coolingOptionalOptionalOptional
Overtravel protectionYesYesYes
Overtemp protectionYesYesYes
Thermal insulationOptionalOptionalOptional
Weightca. 110kgca. 115kgca. 200kg
Recommended amplifierMB A2500MB A2500MB A2500

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