Suspension Component Test Rig

Suspension Components Test Rig

SCTR – Test rig for noise & vibration analysis of suspension components

Vibration comfort and acoustics are playing an increasingly important role in the development of new suspension and damping systems. Disturbing noises in chassis components lead to high warranty costs and are difficult to diagnose. The new SCTR supsension component test rig enables the highly dynamic simulation of real road excitations with superimposed preload forces for comprehensive vibration and noise analysis on a wide variety of chassis components.

The highly dynamic, quiet linear motor drive and the use of air bearings enable an extremely high reproducibility of recorded acceleration, force or displacement signals with very low operating noise. Objective noise analyses and vibration measurements are not influenced by drive and friction noise. Stick-slip, rattling and creaking noises can be analyzed and objectively evaluated. By determining and comparing the dynamic transmission behavior of different components, a targeted optimization of the spring/damper system is possible.

Developed for the analysis of chassis noises such as:

  • Strut Pop
  • “Loose Lumber”
  • Rebound Noise
  • Sway Bar & Bushing Noise
  • Leaf Spring Noise
  • Noises in Active Dampers and Mounts
  • Stick-Slip Noises
  • Rattling and Creaking Noises
  • Max. Vibration displacement: 200mm pk-pk
  • Force (dynamic): max. 10kN peak or 2kN pk continuous
  • Force (static preload force): max. 13kN
  • Frequency range: DC-100Hz
  • Max. Speed: >2m/s peak
  • Max. Acceleration: 22g peak, with empty table
  • Operating noise <2 Sone @ 13Hz, 1g pk sinusoidal excitation
  • Control: force, acceleration or displacement control
  • Vertical or horizontal alignment possible
  • Output signals (analog to BNC connection): acceleration, velocity, vibration displacement, motor current (proportional to force), force
  • Max. Height of test specimen: 660mm
  • Max. Width of test specimen: 450mm
  • Dimensions: 965mm x 616mm x 2600mm
  • Very quiet – operating noise does not mask any disturbing noises of the test sample
  • No hydraulics, no oil – safe, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly
  • Quiet linear motor drive – high fidelity of dynamic excitation signals
  • Static preload of the test specimens
  • Low maintenance – no seals, no valves and no pressure lines
  • Use of air bearings – no friction, no wear
  • Can be combined with climatic chamber
  • Option: Measurement system for road load data collection and analysis of sound and vibration behaviour
  • Option: Test sequencer enables automated continuous runs
  • Low operating costs

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