BSR Sound Quality

BSR Sound Quality – Objective evaluation of acoustic quality

When evaluating product quality, the acoustic quality perceived by the customer is becoming increasingly important. However, the subjective evaluation of acoustic quality is not only determined by the loudness and frequency composition of the sound. Rather, a large number of different signal characteristics have a direct influence on the ” euphony ” of a sound.

The BSR Sound Quality Option expands the analysis portfolio of the BSR SUITE by standardized psychoacoustic analyses for the evaluation of roughness, sharpness, tonality and fluctuation strength of a sound and thus enables a detailed, objective metrological evaluation of important subjectively perceived sound characteristics.

Project- and product-specific evaluation procedures, threshold values and measurement data can be easily managed and are therefore available for comparison measurements at any time. We are happy to support you in setting up suitable analysis procedures and deriving customer-relevant threshold values for your application.

  • Analysis and evaluation of functional and operating noises
  • Line integrated test systems for the evaluation of acoustic product quality
  • Offline analysis and subjective cross-comparison of recorded sounds
  • 4-16 measurement channels (scalable) incl. switchable IEPE power supply
  • Recording of the captured sounds parallel to the running real-time analysis
  • Maximum resolution in time and frequency domain due to freely definable block lengths for each analysis
  • Included analyses:
    • Sharpness
    • Roughness
    • Fluctuation Strength
    • Tonality
    • Stationary & transient loudness included by default in BSR Suite
  • Testing against definable thresholds and reference curves
  • Predefined setups to evaluate the sound quality of different products
  • Import of externally recorded audio data in wav-, hdf- or RPCIII-format
  • Direct transfer of measurement data and graphs to Office programs
Sound Quality Analysen
Sharpness in [acum] over time
Specific Sharpness
Roughness Roughness in [asper] over time
Specific Roughness
Tonality Tonality in [tu] over time
1/3 Octave Band Spectra
Fluctuation Strength Fluctuation Strength in [vacil] over time
Specific Fluctuation Strength
Averaging Intervals Averaging over up to 4 user definable time periods and the entire measurement
Averaging Linear, Peak-Hold

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