Alpha MLB Shaker

Compact and mobile shaker systems for complete vehicle and component testing

A movable base with integrated lever arm allows the combined use of ALPHA MLB shakers for complete vehicle and component testing. Due to the compact size, flexible positioning and connection of the ALPHA MLB shakers, modular extensible vibration tables for sequential and simultaneous excitation in 1 to 6 axes can be realized, which will grow with your requirements. Depending on the force requirement, several shakers can be used for excitation in one axis. 
The transmission of the excitation in the desired direction is achieved by an integrated lever arm – of course absolutely noiseless! At the same time, the lever arm protects the shaker from inadmissible bending moments and enables an optimum adaptation of the required forces and vibration displacements due to a selectable transmission ratio. Integrated electromagnets fix the shakers in the desired position by pressing a illuminated pushbutton directly at the movable base.
For quiet continuous operation even with high excitation forces or for use in a climatic chamber, these systems can also be optionally equipped with noiseless water cooling. Contact us to learn more about the new ALPHA MLB shakers..

  • Compact and lightweight, fits under full vehcile shaker
  • Electromagnetic clamping enables flexible and easy posiitoning
  • Integrated lever arm with protects ALPHA shaker from inadmissible bending moments and enables an optimum adaptation of the required forces and displacements
  • Extremely quiet – excellent for Squeak & Rattle testing
  • High efficiency and low power consumption, allows the use of smaller silent amplifiers
  • Max. Excitation forces: 8000N – 16000N
  • Max. Displacement pk-pk: 12,5mm and 25mm
  • Frequency range: DC-500Hz, usable up to 1000Hz
  • Integrated temperature monitoring and temperature-controlled quiet fans for on-demand cooling
  • Optional water cooling enables noiseless cooling even with high excitation forces in continuous operation
  • Integrated active load support, automatic centering in centre stroke position independent of the applied payload
  • Integrated displacement sensor and monitoring of the max. permissible displacement
  • Extremely robust design, low maintenance, reliable and durable
  • Friction-free guidance of the vibrating element, no leaf springs, no plain bearings, no moving cables
  • Low stray magnetic fields
  • Combined Squeak & Rattlle test systems for full vehicles and components
  • Vibration test systems for simulation of real excitation states in 1 to 6 axes
  • Squeak & Rattle aging test stands

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